PRESS RELEASE. Government of Nicaragua

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The United States Congress proceeded today with the approval of the NICA-ACT Law Ini-tiative. Last year in the midst of the Presidential Electoral Campaign, the Unit-ed States Congress discussed and approved the same Law Initiative.
The Government of Reconciliation and Na-tional Unity has expressed at different times, and with the same firmness, our po-sition regarding this irrational, offen-sive and harmful action to Nicaraguans’ Human Rights: We consider this Law Initia-tive a violation to the Sovereignty of Nicaragua, and a denial of all Political,
Social, Cultural, and Economic Processes that are developed to improve the Life of everyone, and to promote Joy, Harmony and Wellbeing in our Blessed, United and For-ever Free Homeland.
The Government of Reconciliation and Na-tional Unity reiterates our Conviction against these retrograde, interfering, and disrespectful positions on the part of certain United States Members of Congress, who have not yet overcome conflictive po-sitions and interests against the Will and the Tranquility of all Peoples.
Once again, we reiterate to the Nicaraguan People, to the Nicaraguan Families, to the Youth, and to the International Community, our invariable Commitment to Democracy and the Paths of Harmony, Encounter, Under-standing, Security and Prosperity, which all Nicaraguans follow, in Unity and Hope, in Faith and Trust, with the Grace, and at the Hand of God.
Managua, October 3, 2017
Government of Reconciliation
and National Unity

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