Nicaraguans in Stockholm commemorated the 83th anniversary of Augusto C. Sandino’s assassination with music, poetry and dances

On February 18, the Nicaraguan Embassy, The Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and the organisation Swedish-Nicaraguan Friendship Society (VFSN) held a political-cultural event to commemorate the 83rd anniversary of the assassination of General of Free Men and Women, Augusto C. Sandino.

The assassination of General Augusto César Sandino was on February 21, 1934. This assassination was ordered by National Guard director Anastasio Somoza Garcia who was a faithful friend of the United States Government. The assassination was carried out by the National Guard and with the approval of the United States. Sandino’s National Sovereignty Defense Army fought US Marines. The US marines were defeated in the mountains of Nicaragua by Sandino ‘s army. 

The Ambassador of Nicaragua in Sweden Veronica Rojas welcomed the participants and she spoke about General Sandino and the new Nicaragua, which is led by the Sandinista National Liberation Front with Daniel Ortega as president.

Veronica Rojas on behalf of the Embassy handed diplomas to many men and women, in recognition of the work they have been doing for many years in Sweden, publicizing the culture and situation of Nicaragua in this Nordic country, a recognition of their solidarity work for the people of Nicaragua. Special mentions were made to solidarity organizations.

During the commemorative night many cultural groups from several Latin American countries participated with music, dance and poetry. Many girls from Nicaragua participated and they danced several folklore dances from Nicaragua.


News from Europe and Latin America y Nicaragua: Culture and Politics.

Fotografía: Sofia Sanchez.

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