"The Dream that Was": 100 € solidarity

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The proposition for cooperation in the last stage of “For a Nicaragua, country of the natives free from illiteracy” which was presented at the conference “Illiteracy in Nicaragua. Thirty years of solidarity from the Catalan municipalities” which is arranged by the city of Girona, FCCD and AEPCFA and was held in Girona on the 18th of June 2016.


This year, through alphabetizing numerous native tribes of the RAAS, the Association for adult education Carlos Fonseca Amador (AEPCFA) has started a final offensive whose final goal is to declare Nicaragua a native territory free from illiteracy. At present the communities from “Indio Maíz” and other groups from the Bluefields municipality are being alphabetized. Consequently an experience comes to an end which for nearly a decade has made possible the alphabetization of the villages: mískitus, mayagnas and other tribes along the Caribbean coast and thus brought us closer to the eradication of illiteracy in Nicaragua. A tough and complex experience, lined with educational, organizational and logistic difficulties. An experience which continuously has had support from the Catalan partners, especially from the municipalities governed by the FCCD.

 AEPCFA, from Nicaragua, asks us to participate and support this final offensive economically and requests that we also continue to spread the magnitude and quality of the Catalan cooperation and the generous and continuous battle of the people of Nicaragua to eradicate illiteracy.

 Now, more than ever, we need to face the urgent and extraordinary costs for education, mobilization and support of the young university brigades who transport generators, audiovisual equipment, teaching materials in order to be able to implement the method: “Yo si puedo” (“I certainly can!”) and who also coordinates alphabetizing actions which are always executed by their own communities.

 Currently, The AEPCFA-Girona has a set of 660 copies of the book “The Dream that was. A story of the alphabetization in Nicaragua” Pineda Flores, O. och Parra, S. AEPCFA. November 2014. 383 p. ISBN 978-84-943271-0-0. The revenues from the sales of these books can be used in the final offensive at the same time they can be distributed to libraries, schools, organizations and persons of interest.

It is because of this that we turn to municipalities, especially FCCD partners, cultural and educational institutes, political organizations, unions, civic- and charity organizations and invite you to support the final offensive by cooperating through purchasing of books.

What can you do?

  1. Order to c / c AEPCFA-Girona: ES89 0081 0146 5300 0110 5111 (quantity; 1 box with 12 copies: 100€, postage paid
  2. Send an email to sebasparra@solidaries.org,

Attach proof of purchase and write down the addresses where the books will be sent

  1. Confirm reception of the books


To honor the 50th anniversary of UNESCOs proclamation of the international day of alphabetization, we will start this work on the 8th of September 2016 and continuously publish the advances on AEPCFA-Gironas blog http://aepcfagirona.blogspot.com. Here we will also publish the contributions we receive from municipalities and organizations.

On the 8th of November, in order to honor the 40th anniversary of the death of Carlos Fonseca Amador in combat (and to teach them how to read) we will send a report and the funds collected to Nicaragua.

On January the 8th we will send a final report of the entire undertaking.


To contribute financially with 4000 euros to the final offensive of the alphabetization and to spread the magnitude and quality of the Catalan cooperation and the generous and continuous battle of the people of Nicaragua to eradicate illiteracy and to distribute 600 books.

We particularly invite:

  • Catalan municipalities, FCCD Partners
  • Educational faculties from the University of PPCC
  • Public libraries
  • Adult schools and educations
  • Unions and federations of educational workers, political organizations and non-governmental organizations, solidarity groups and people in solidarity with the alphabetization and education.

Let´s go!


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